Animal Magnetism

by Collins

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Recalling the events from 30 years ago that led to my journey into the darkness of an unanswered love. A blackness so sweet and captivating, I wished never to return. The memories vivid, are trapped and continue to haunt the deep recesses of my mind.


released February 1, 2013

Limited Edition Cassette Version available at

Includes professionally duplicated cassette and insert of Marco Rea's artwork.

Video clips for eack track on the album can be found here..

Telefuture Records Catalog Number: TF08
Artwork by Marco Rea
Layout by Collins and Crystal Labs
Mastered by Rob Small
Vocals on "Serenade" by Ana Gabriela Accioly
Guitar on "Walk With Me" by Johnny Accioly



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Collins Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: Heartbreaker
She walked into the sunset,
Nothing left, just a trace of her silhouette,
Her X-ray eyes and a smile I'll never forget,
Gives me shelter in this lonely place of regret

I want you to know, I don't want you to go
I want you to know, I don't want you to go

These flashbacks of pleasure, we're cellmates forever,
Holding me prisoner, a convict of closure,
A serene seducer, the perfect lover,
A fatal treasure, fucking real heartbreaker

I want you to know, I don't want you to go
I want you to know, I don't want you to go
Track Name: Serenade Ft. Ana Gabriela Accioly
Sing to me, soft and low,
My lovers eyes tonight shall glow,
When scarce awake, my soul shall deem,
Your words the music of a dream
Track Name: The Sacred
You make the tears of love,
Flow like they did,
When I saw..

Alone in the shadows, forsaken and rejected,
Where you left me, deserted and naked,
Longing for you, lonesome and wretched,
A poisonous vine, my obsession most sacred

You took my love, you took it for granted,
Consuming my soul, you charmed and enchanted,
I'm longing for you, torn and disconnected,
A poisonous vine, my obsession most sacred